Lakbay Dagat (Sea Journey)

Sea Journey is a lovely colorful homage to inter island travel, a journey which brings us Filipinos back to our historical past, when ships were the only way to travel between islands.

What mystery there is traveling by sea?

The wind whisper its secrets to me.

The waves mesmerize the eyes into vastness.

The mind wanders through the sky’s emptiness. 

There are strangers to meet, basking under the sun’s heat.

 I felt the taste of salt upon my lips, while the ocean lullabies me to sleep. 

For days, we sleep and eat together, only to unboard the ship not saying good-bye to each other. 

The photo series was the final project for The Master Class in Documentary Photography by Alex Baluyut.

Majority of the photos were taken in MV St. Thomas Aquinas. Some photos were published in on Sept. 7, 2013.

These are the people who rode the MV St Thomas Aquinas from Feb 16 to 17, 2013. They were headed back to Cebu.

The ship has been reduced to a mere memory, as it now rests in the deep sea after colliding with a cargo ship MV Sulpicio Express Siete on Aug 16, 2013.

MV St Thomas Aquinas brought people together by bridging the geographical gap between families and friends. But those ties were broken, 55 people died and 65 were missing.